General Questions

Is it safe to use on my kid?

Completely. Free and gentle for all humans, even the sticky little germy ones!


Is it safe to use everyday?

Totally, but it should not replace hair washing all together. Think of it as an alternate to dry shampoo.


Do I have to rinse it out after using it?

Heck no! That’s the best part. Wipe and get on with your life.


Do I have to blow it dry afterwards?

Up to you. Allowing your hair to air dry is a fine and healthy option.


Can I tuck it away and reuse it later in the day?

No, they are meant for single-use. Wipe immediately after opening and toss.


Can my man use it on his quarantine beard?

For sure. Super gentle formula for facial hair but spot test it if sensitivity is a concern.


Can I still use, "I can't tonight, I have to wash my hair as an excuse?

Sorry, you're on your own on that one.


How do I get a hold of you?

Email us at

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